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The Australian Radio Guide
Radio Stations in Northern WA


Region: Northern WA

ABC North West567PannawonicaABC local
ABC North West567Tom PriceABC local
ABC North West603Port HedlandABC local
ABC Kimberley675BroomeABC local
ABC Kimberley819KununurraABC local
ABC Kimberley873DerbyABC local
ABC Kimberley1017WyndhamABC local
Radio National1422Christmas IslandABC national
ABC North West88.9Eighty Mile BeachABC local
SBS Radio91.7BroomeMulticultural national
ABC North West92.5Channar MineABC local
ABC North West92.5Mesa J MineABC local
Triple J92.5Wurreranginy CommunityABC new music
ABC North West94.5West AngelasABC local
ABC News Radio94.9Port HedlandABC news & parliament
Radio National95.7Port HedlandABC national
ABC News Radio96.5BroomeABC news & parliament
ABC Classic97.3Port HedlandABC classical
ABC North West97.7Packsaddle VillageABC local
Triple J98.5Tom PriceABC new music
Triple J98.9VariousABC new music
ABC North West99.3Brockman VillageABC local
Triple J99.3DampierABC new music
Triple J99.3Mesa J MineABC new music
Triple J99.7WodginaABC new music
Triple J100.1Kununurra EastABC new music
ABC North West100.5TelferABC local
Triple J100.9VariousABC new music
Triple J101.3OombulgurriABC new music
Pilbara and Kimberley Aboriginal Media101.5One Arm PointIndigenous community
ABC North West102.5Tom PriceABC local
ABC North West102.5YandicooginaABC local
Triple J103.7YungngoraABC new music
Triple J104.1YandicooginaABC new music
ABC Kimberley104.5DjarindjinABC local
ABC Kimberley104.5KalumburuABC local
Triple J104.5VariousABC new music
Triple J104.9RoebourneABC new music
Triple J105.3Ti TreeABC new music
ABC Classic105.7PunmuABC classical
ABC North West105.9Marble BarABC local
ABC North West105.9WodginaABC local
ABC Kimberley106.1Fitzroy CrossingABC local
ABC North West106.1MarandooABC local
Triple J106.1PannawonicaABC new music
ABC North West106.3NullagineABC local
ABC Kimberley106.7CurtinABC local
ABC Kimberley106.9Ti TreeABC local
Triple J106.9WarmunABC new music
ABC North West107.3PunmuABC local
Radio National107.3VariousABC national
Radio National107.5VariousABC national
ABC Kimberley107.7Lake GregoryABC local
Radio National107.7VariousABC national
ABC Classic107.9One Arm PointABC classical
Radio National107.9VariousABC national
Triple M765Tom PriceClassic gold/current hits commercial
Triple M1026Port HedlandClassic gold/current hits commercial
Triple M88.5Jack Hills MineClassic gold/current hits commercial
Triple M90.1Hope Downs VillageClassic gold/current hits commercial
Hit WA91.3West AngelasCommercial
Hit WA91.7Hope Downs VillageCommercial
Hit WA91.7Port HedlandCommercial
Hit WA92.5Woodie WoodieCommercial
Hit WA94.1Mesa J MineCommercial
Hit WA96.1Tom PriceCommercial
Hit WA97.5Jimblebar MineCommercial
Hit WA97.7VariousCommercial
Hot Hits 100.3100.3OnslowCommercial
Hit WA101.3BroomeCommercial
Triple M101.3VariousClassic gold/current hits commercial
Hit WA102.1VariousCommercial
Hit WA102.5VariousCommercial
Hit WA102.7VariousCommercial
Hit WA102.9VariousCommercial
Hit WA103.1VariousCommercial
Hit WA103.7Ti TreeCommercial
Triple M104.1KununurraClassic gold/current hits commercial
Triple M104.3DerbyClassic gold/current hits commercial
Hit WA105.1CloudbreakCommercial
Hit WA105.1CurtinCommercial
Hit WA105.3Sally Malay MineCommercial
Hit WA105.7VariousCommercial
Hit WA106.9VariousCommercial
Warringarri Radio693KununurraIndigenous community
Wangki Yupurnanupurru Radio936Fitzroy CrossingIndigenous community
6DBY97.9DerbyIndigenous community
Radio Goolarri99.7BroomeIndigenous community
Hedland Community Radio101.3Port HedlandIndigenous community
Gumala Aboriginal Corporation101.7BellaryIndigenous community
Waringarri Radio102.1WarmunIndigenous community
Waringarri Radio102.1WyndhamIndigenous community
Gumala Aboriginal Corporation102.1YoungaleenaIndigenous community
Gumala Aboriginal Corporation102.7OnslowIndigenous community
Gumala Aboriginal Corporation102.9RoebourneIndigenous community
Gumala Aboriginal Corporation104.9WakathuniIndigenous community
6ACR106.1VariousIndigenous community
Gumala Aboriginal Corporation106.5Tom PriceIndigenous community
Vision Christian Radio87.6BroomeChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6NoonkanbahChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6Port HedlandChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6South HedlandChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8WickhamChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0DodnunChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Fitzroy CrossingChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0HamiltonChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0KalumburuChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0KununurraChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Kununurra NorthChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Kununurra SouthChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Lake ArgyleChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Marble BarChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0MulanChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0One Arm PointChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0OombulgurriChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0WarmunChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0WyndhamChristian narrowcast
6TAB92.5Port HedlandRacing narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio97.7RoebourneChristian narrowcast
6TAB100.5WyndhamRacing narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio101.1DerbyChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio101.9OnslowChristian narrowcast
Proposed102.1Beagle BayNarrowcast
Vision Christian Radio104.1Tom PriceChristian narrowcast
Proposed104.3Marble BarNarrowcast
6TAB104.5BroomeRacing narrowcast
Proposed104.5Fitzroy CrossingNarrowcast
6TAB105.7KununurraRacing narrowcast

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Previously maintained by Kevin White.


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