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The Australian Radio Guide
Radio Stations in North West NSW


Region: North West NSW

ABC Western Plains657ByrockABC local
999 ABC Broken Hill999Broken HillABC local
Radio National1485WilcanniaABC national
ABC Western Plains1584WilcanniaABC local
ABC Classic88.9Lightning RidgeABC classical
ABC Western Plains92.1Lightning RidgeABC local
Radio National92.5Portland/WallerawangABC national
Radio National93.7Lightning RidgeABC national
ABC Western Plains94.1Portland/WallerawangABC local
ABC Western Plains95.1NynganABC local
Radio National95.7MenindeeABC national
ABC Western Plains97.3MenindeeABC local
SBS Radio98.5BourkeMulticultural national
ABC Western Plains98.9TottenhamABC local
ABC Western Plains99.3GoodoogaABC local
ABC Western Plains99.5Mudgee (Town)ABC local
SBS Radio100.1BourkeMulticultural national
ABC Classic100.3WalgettABC classical
Radio National100.9GoodoogaABC national
Radio National101.1BourkeABC national
ABC News Radio101.1MudgeeABC news & parliament
Triple J101.3CobarABC new music
Triple J102.1Broken HillABC new music
Radio National102.9Broken HillABC national
ABC Classic103.7Broken HillABC classical
ABC News Radio104.5Broken HillABC news & parliament
SBS Radio105.3CobarMulticultural national
ABC Western Plains105.9WalgettABC local
ABC Western Plains106.1CobarABC local
ABC Western Plains106.1IvanhoeABC local
ABC Classic106.9CobarABC classical
Radio National107.5WalgettABC national
Radio National107.7CobarABC national
Radio National107.7IvanhoeABC national
999 ABC Broken Hill107.7White CliffsABC local
2BH567Broken HillClassic hits commercial
NOW FM91.3Lightning RidgeCommercial
2VM92.9Lightning RidgeCommercial
Hill FM96.5Broken HillCommercial
Rebel FM96.7NynganCommercial
Rebel FM100.3BourkeCommercial
NOW FM101.9CollarenebriCommercial
Star FM proposed102.1CobarCommercial
Flow FM102.5BourkeChristian commercial
Zoo FM103.7CobarCommercial
Rebel FM104.7WilcanniaCommercial
Rebel FM104.9BourkeCommercial
NOW FM105.1WalgettCommercial
Hill FM106.9Broken HillCommercial
Breeze FM proposed107.3BourkeMusic commercial
Outback Radio 2WEB585BourkeCommunity
Yaama FM87.6WalgettIndigenous community
Opal FM89.7Lightning RidgeCommunity
Outback Radio 2WEB90.5Lightning RidgeCommunity
Yaama FM95.5CollarenebriIndigenous community
2CUZ96.1Lightning RidgeIndigenous community
2CUZ97.7GoodoogaIndigenous community
Outback Radio 2WEB99.9WilcanniaCommunity
2CUZ100.5WeilmoringleIndigenous community
Outback Radio 2WEB100.7NynganCommunity
2CUZ102.7WalgettIndigenous community
Cobar Community Radio102.9CobarCommunity
Murdi Paaki Regional Enterprise Corporation103.1WilcanniaIndigenous community
Outback Radio 2WEB104.3WalgettCommunity
2CUZ106.5BourkeIndigenous community
2DRY FM107.7Broken HillCommunity
Vision Christian Radio87.6BrewarrinaChristian narrowcast
Hype FM87.6Broken HillNarrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6MenindeeChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0CobarChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0TibooburraChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0WarrenChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0White CliffsChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0WilcanniaChristian narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio92.1CondobolinRacing narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio94.5BourkeChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio94.9Broken HillChristian narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio96.1BourkeRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio96.1BrewarrinaRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio97.1CollarenebriRacing narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio97.9WalgettChristian narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio98.3WilcanniaRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio98.5Lightning RidgeRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio99.5WalgettRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio100.5Broken HillRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio104.5CobarRacing narrowcast

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Previously maintained by Kevin White.


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