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The Australian Radio Guide
Radio Stations in North East Qld


Region: North East Qld

ABC Western Qld540LongreachABC local
ABC Capricornia837RockhamptonABC local
ABC Capricornia1548EmeraldABC local
SBS Radio89.1Airlie BeachMulticultural national
ABC News Radio89.1EmeraldABC news & parliament
ABC Far North89.3Mission BeachABC local
ABC Tropical North89.7GoonyellaABC local
ABC Tropical North89.9Airlie BeachABC local
ABC Classic90.7EmeraldABC classical
ABC Tropical North91.7DysartABC local
ABC Tropical North92.5GlendenABC local
Radio National92.7BowenABC national
Radio National93.1Airlie BeachABC national
Radio National93.3DysartABC national
Radio National93.3GlendenABC national
ABC News Radio proposed93.5Townsville NorthABC news & parliament
ABC News Radio93.9Airlie BeachABC news & parliament
Radio National93.9EmeraldABC national
ABC Tropical North94.1ClairviewABC local
Radio National94.3BlackwaterABC national
ABC News Radio proposed94.3TownsvilleABC news & parliament
ABC Tropical North94.5CarmilaABC local
ABC Capricornia94.9BiloelaABC local
ABC Tropical North94.9St LawrenceABC local
ABC Classic95.5Airlie BeachABC classical
Radio National95.9GladstoneABC national
ABC Classic95.9Townsville NorthABC classical
ABC Capricornia96.1MouraABC local
ABC News Radio proposed96.7Bowen (proposed)ABC news & parliament
ABC News Radio proposed96.7GladstoneABC news & parliament
Radio National96.7Townsville NorthABC national
Triple J96.7WintonABC new music
Radio National96.9MouraABC national
Radio National97.5Charters TowersABC national
Triple J97.5Townsville NorthABC new music
ABC Classic97.9MackayABC classical
ABC Capricornia99.1GladstoneABC local
Radio National99.1LongreachABC national
Triple J99.5MackayABC new music
Radio National100.9SpringsureABC national
ABC Tropical North101.1MackayABC local
ABC Classic101.5TownsvilleABC classical
Radio National101.9GreenvaleABC national
ABC Classic102.1LongreachABC classical
Radio National102.7MackayABC national
Radio National103.1RockhamptonABC national
ABC News Radio104.3MackayABC news & parliament
ABC Classic104.5ClermontABC classical
Triple J104.7RockhamptonABC new music
Radio National104.7TownsvilleABC national
ABC Tropical North104.9MoranbahABC local
Radio National105.3Blackwater MineABC national
ABC News Radio105.5RockhamptonABC news & parliament
Triple J105.5TownsvilleABC new music
ABC Capricornia105.7AlphaABC local
630 ABC North Qld105.9GreenvaleABC local
ABC Capricornia105.9TheodoreABC local
ABC Capricornia106.1BogantunganABC local
ABC Tropical North106.1CollinsvilleABC local
Triple J106.1LongreachABC new music
ABC Capricornia106.1MiddlemountABC local
630 ABC North Qld106.1PentlandABC local
ABC Classic106.3RockhamptonABC classical
Radio National106.5MoranbahABC national
SBS Radio106.9Shute HarbourMulticultural national
Radio National107.3VariousABC national
Radio National107.5TheodoreABC national
Radio National107.7VariousABC national
Radio National107.9AramacABC national
Radio National107.9WintonABC national
4CC666BiloelaMusic & talk commercial
4GC828Charters TowersMusic & talk commercial
4CC927GladstoneMusic & talk commercial
4HI945DysartMusic commercial
4RO AM 990990RockhamptonClassic hits commercial
4MK AM 10261026MackayEasy music oldies commercial
Classic Hits 4LG1098LongreachCommercial
4HI1143EmeraldMusic commercial
4HI1215MoranbahMusic commercial
4CC1584RockhamptonMusic & talk commercial
Hot Country1611EmeraldCountry music commercial
4HI88.1Blair AtholCommercial
Rebel FM88.9BananaClassic rock commercial
Rebel FM88.9NewlandsClassic rock commercial
Breeze FM89.7BananaMusic commercial
Hit FM89.9NeboContemporary hits
Breeze FM90.1CollinsvilleMusic commercial
Zinc 92790.5YeppoonMusic & talk commercial
Easy Listening 102691.5Airlie BeachCommercial
4HI92.1Burton GorgeCommercial
Triple M92.3Airlie BeachCommercial
4HI92.5North Goonyella MineCommercial
Hit FM93.5GladstoneContemporary hits
Hit FM94.7Airlie BeachContemporary hits
Hit FM94.7EmeraldContemporary hits
Rebel FM94.9CollinsvilleClassic rock commercial
Triple M95.1GladstoneCommercial
Rebel FM95.9AlphaClassic rock commercial
Hit FM95.9Charters TowersContemporary hits
West FM95.9WintonCommercial
Triple M96.5BiloelaCommercial
Breeze FM97.9TheodoreMusic commercial
4TO FM98.3BowenCommercial
Triple M98.7MackayCommercial
Breeze FM99.1AlphaMusic commercial
Hit FM100.3MackayContemporary hits
Power 100100.7TownsvilleCommercial
Classic Hits 4LG100.7WintonCommercial
West FM100.9BarcaldineCommercial
Triple M101.1Mt MurchisonCommercial
Triple M101.5RockhamptonCommercial
Star 101.9101.9MackayCommercial
4TO FM102.3TownsvilleCommercial
Hit FM103.1TownsvilleContemporary hits
4HI103.7Blackwater MineCommercial
Rebel FM104.3TheodoreClassic rock commercial
West FM104.5LongreachCommercial
4HI104.9Minerva MineCommercial
Star 106.3106.3TownsvilleCommercial
4HI106.9Peak Downs MineCommercial
Hit FM107.9BowenContemporary hits
Hit FM107.9RockhamptonContemporary hits
Radio Nag91.3YeppoonCommunity
Rhema FM91.9GladstoneChristian community
95.1 Gem FM95.1BowenCommunity
4KIG proposed95.9BowenIndigenous community
Rock FM96.9MoranbahCommunity
97.1 Sweet FM97.1AyrCommunity
Bwgcolman Radio (4PI)97.3Palm IslandIndigenous community
4ACR99.7WoorabindaIndigenous community
Live FM99.9TownsvilleChristian community
US FM100.7RockhamptonIndigenous community
my105fm105.9MackayIndigenous community
4KIG107.1TownsvilleIndigenous community
Vision Christian Radio1611MackayChristian narrowcast
Niche Radio Network1611RockhamptonMulti-ethnic narrowcast including Rete Italia
Niche Radio Network1620GladstoneMulti-ethnic narrowcast including Rete Italia
Kerinvale Comaudio1647BiloelaEnglish Narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6BarcaldineChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6ClermontChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6CollinsvilleChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6Etna CreekChristian narrowcast
Works FM87.6GladstoneMusic narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6LongreachChristian narrowcast
Lush FM87.6MackayDance music narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6MoranbahChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6MouraChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6Mt MorganChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6ProserpineChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6RockhamptonChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6SpringsureChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6WalkerstonChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6WintonChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8Airlie BeachChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8BeaconsfieldChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8GracemereChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8Mt LucasChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0BlackwaterChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0BloomsburyChristian narrowcast
Explore FM88.0BowenTourist information narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0BucasiaChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0CapellaChristian narrowcast
The Bull88.0Charters TowersKickin' Country
Vision Christian Radio88.0GlendonChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0MackayChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0NeboChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0SarinaChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0The CavesChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0TieriChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0YeppoonChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio90.1BiloelaChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio92.3EmeraldChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio93.5BowenChristian narrowcast
Kids FM93.5SarinaChildren's music narrowcast
4TAB (proposed change to 99.1)94.3Charters TowersRacing narrowcast
4TAB94.3GladstoneRacing narrowcast
Lush FM95.1TownsvilleDance music narrowcast
4TAB95.5EmeraldRacing narrowcast
Kids FM96.3ProserpineChildren's music narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio96.7Charters TowersChristian narrowcast
4TAB97.5BlackwaterRacing narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio98.1TownsvilleChristian narrowcast
4TAB98.3WintonRacing narrowcast
Kix Country98.9TownsvilleCountry music narrowcast
4TAB (proposed change from 94.3)99.1Charters TowersRacing narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio99.1InghamChristian narrowcast
4TAB99.9RockhamptonRacing narrowcast
4TAB103.3BarcaldineRacing narrowcast
4TAB103.7CollinsvilleRacing narrowcast
4TAB103.7LongreachRacing narrowcast
4TAB106.1ClermontRacing narrowcast

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