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The Australian Radio Guide
Radio Stations in North East NSW


Region: North East NSW

ABC New England North West648TamworthABC local
ABC Mid North Coast684KempseyABC local
Radio National720ArmidaleABC national
ABC North Coast720MurwillumbahABC local
ABC North Coast738GraftonABC local
ABC Mid North Coast756TareeABC local
ABC New England North West819Glen InnesABC local
ABC New England North West88.5WalchaABC local
ABC New England North West88.9TenterfieldABC local
SBS Radio89.1Glen InnesMulticultural national
Radio National90.1WalchaABC national
Radio National90.5TenterfieldABC national
ABC New England North West91.3BonalboABC local
Triple J91.5Grafton/KempseyABC new music
Radio National92.1BonalboABC national
SBS Radio92.1NarrabriMulticultural national
ABC Mid North Coast92.3Grafton/KempseyABC local
Radio National93.1EmmavilleABC national
ABC News Radio93.5InverellABC news & parliament
Radio National93.9TamworthABC national
ABC North Coast94.5Richmond/TweedABC local
Triple J94.7TamworthABC new music
ABC Classic95.3Richmond/TweedABC classical
ABC Mid North Coast95.5Manning RiverABC local
Triple J96.1Richmond/TweedABC new music
Triple J96.3Manning RiverABC new music
ABC Classic96.7Upper NamoiABC classical
Radio National96.9Richmond/TweedABC national
Radio National97.1Manning RiverABC national
SBS Radio97.1TamworthMulticultural national
ABC Classic97.9Grafton/KempseyABC classical
ABC News Radio98.5Richmond/TweedABC news & parliament
ABC Classic98.7Manning RiverABC classical
ABC New England North West99.1Upper NamoiABC local
Radio National99.5Grafton/KempseyABC national
Triple J99.9Upper NamoiABC new music
Radio National100.7Upper NamoiABC national
ABC Mid North Coast100.9GloucesterABC local
Triple J101.1ArmidaleABC new music
ABC New England North West101.9ArmidaleABC local
SBS Radio102.1MoreeMulticultural national
Triple J102.3Central Western SlopesABC new music
Radio National102.5GloucesterABC national
ABC Classic103.1TamworthABC classical
ABC Classic103.5ArmidaleABC classical
ABC Classic104.1Lord Howe IslandABC classical
Radio National105.1Glen InnesABC national
ABC News Radio proposed105.1Upper NamoiABC news & parliament
Triple J105.3Lord Howe IslandABC new music
SBS Radio105.3WarialdaMulticultural national
ABC Classic105.5Central Western SlopesABC classical
ABC Classic106.1Lord Howe IslandABC classical
ABC News Radio106.3Central Western SlopesABC news & parliament
SBS Radio106.3NimbinMulticultural national
ABC Central West107.1Central Western SlopesABC local
SBS Radio107.7WalchaMulticultural national
ABC Central West107.9AshfordABC local
Radio National107.9Central Western SlopesABC national
Radio 531531Kempsey2SM Super Radio Network commercial
Radio 639639Coffs Harbour2SM Super Radio Network commercial
900 2LM900LismoreClassic hits & talk commercial
Radio 97972MurwillumbahCommercial
2MO1080GunnedahOldies/hit music commercial
2AD1134ArmidaleOldies & talk commercial
2TM1287TamworthOldies/hit music commercial
2VM1530MoreeOldies/hit music commercial
88.9fm88.9TamworthPlaying All The Hits from the '70s up to now plus the best in country.
2RE88.9TareeAcross the MidCoast!
Rebel FM89.5CoonambleCommercial
2GF89.5GraftonClassic hits commercial
Triple M89.7UrungaCommercial
Triple M90.3North HavenCommercial
MAX FM91.3NarrabriCommercial
FM 92.992.9TamworthCommercial
FM 93.593.5Port Macquarie2SM Super Radio Network commercial
Rebel FM93.7GloucesterCommercial
Rebel FM93.7TenterfieldClassic rock
Gem FM95.1InverellCommercial
88.9fm96.3Liverpool PlainsPlaying All The Hits from the '70s up to now plus the best in country.
Triple G 97.597.5GunnedahCommercial
Breeze FM97.7GloucesterMusic commercial
NOW FM98.3MoreeMusic commercial
2RE100.1GloucesterAcross the MidCoast!
FM 100.3100.3ArmidaleCommercial
2RE100.3ForsterAcross the MidCoast!
Triple M100.7Port MacquarieCommercial
Hit FM101.3GilgandraContemporary hits
Hit FM102.3Port MacquarieContemporary hits
Breeze FM102.5TenterfieldMusic commercial
Gem FM102.9WarialdaCommercial
MAX FM103.3GloucesterCommercial
Radio 97103.5MullumbimbyCommercial
Radio 97104.1Currumbin/BroadbeachCommercial
2LM104.3KyogleClassic hits & talk commercial
FM 104.7104.7GraftonCommercial
Hit FM105.1KempseyContemporary hits
Hit FM105.5Coffs HarbourContemporary hits
2VM105.5MungindiOldies/hit music commercial
Triple M106.3Coffs HarbourCommercial
Gem FM106.7Glen InnesCommercial
Triple M106.7KempseyCommercial
NOW FM107.1MungindiMusic commercial
MAX FM107.3TareeCommercial
Fresh FM 87.687.6WoolgoolgaWoolgoolga’s own
88.9 FM88.9CorakiCommunity
Rhema FM89.7TamworthChristian community
Ten FM89.7TenterfieldCommunity
Outback Radio 2WEB91.1CoonambleCommunity
2CBD FM91.1DeepwaterCommunity
WAR FM91.9CoonambleCommunity
STA FM 91.991.9InverellCommunity
2ARM FM 92.192.1ArmidaleCommunity
North Coast Radio92.9LismoreCommunity
2BBB FM93.3DorrigoCommunity
Freedom FM 94.194.1Coffs HarbourChristian community
Lake Macquarie FM97.3Lake MacquarieCommunity
WAR FM98.9GilgandraCommunity
2WCR FM 99.599.5CoonabarabranIndigenous community
Bay FM 99.999.9Byron BayCommunity
Rhema FM99.9Port MacquarieChristian community
Lord Howe Island Radio100.1Lord Howe IslandCommunity
Yamba Radio100.3MacleanCommunity
Tweed Coast Country101.3MurwillumbahCountry music community
Great Lakes FM 101.5101.5ForsterCommunity
Paradise FM101.9BallinaClassic hits community
NIM FM102.3NimbinCommunity
1031 Life FM103.1GraftonChristian community
Tank FM103.1KempseyCommunity
Radio Ngarralinyi103.3TareeIndigenous community
2WAY FM103.9Port MacquarieCommunity
CHY FM104.1Coffs HarbourCommunity
Bucketts Radio104.1GloucesterCommunity
2CBD FM105.9Glen InnesCommunity
Radio Nambucca 2NVR105.9Nambucca HeadsCommunity
Rhema FM106.5Manning/Great LakesChristian community
2BBB FM107.3BellingenCommunity
COW FM107.9CasinoCommunity
2AIR-FM107.9Coffs HarbourCommunity
Sky Sports Radio1593MurwillumbahRacing narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio1611GraftonChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio1611TamworthChristian narrowcast
Station X1611Wee WaaNarrowcast
Vision Christian Radio1638ArmidaleChristian narrowcast
Radio 5672325Wee WaaNarrowcast
Unique Radio Australia3210NSWIrregular in USB mode (alternate for 5035 kHz)
Radio 5674970Wee WaaNarrowcast
Unique Radio Australia5035NSWIrregular in USB mode
Vision Christian Radio87.6AlstonvilleChristian narrowcast
Raw FM87.6ArmidaleDance music narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6AshfordChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6CaniabaChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6CoonabarabranChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6Empire ValeChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6Evans HeadChristian narrowcast
Raw FM87.6GraftonDance music narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6InverellChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6KempseyChristian narrowcast
Raw FM87.6Lake CathieDance music narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6MacksvilleChristian narrowcast
Raw FM87.6MacleanDance music narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6MoreeChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6MurwillumbahChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6Nambucca HeadsChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6NarrabriChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6NimbinChristian narrowcast
Raw FM87.6Port MacquarieDance music narrowcast
Big Country Radio87.6VariousCountry music narrowcast
Raw FM87.6WauchopeDance music narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6Wee WaaChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6WoodenbongChristian narrowcast
Raw FM87.6YambaDance music narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8ArmidaleChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8Banora PointChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8BoggabillaChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8MurwillumbahChristian narrowcast
Big Country Radio87.8Ocean ShoresCountry music narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8PottsvilleChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0BaradineChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0CasinoChristian narrowcast
Raw FM88.0Coffs HarbourDance music narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Glen InnesChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0GuyraChristian narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio88.0KyogleRacing narrowcast
Raw FM88.0MacksvilleDance music narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0TenterfieldChristian narrowcast
Raw FM88.0UrungaDance music narrowcast
Big Country Radio88.0VariousCountry music narrowcast
Radio Wow88.0Wee WaaNarrowcast
Sky Sports Radio90.5TamworthRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio90.9WalchaRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio92.7InverellRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio92.7Port MacquarieRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio93.5ForsterRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio95.9GunnedahRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio99.3GloucesterRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio101.5South GraftonRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio101.5West KempseyRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio103.7MoreeRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio104.3ArmidaleRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio105.7TareeRacing narrowcast
TUNE FM106.9ArmidaleUNE Students' Assoc narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio107.1Coffs HarbourRacing narrowcast
Sky Sports Radio107.5Glen InnesRacing narrowcast

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