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Radio Stations in Hobart


Region: Hobart

Radio National585East CoastABC national
Radio National585MidlandsABC national
Radio National585Southern TasABC national
ABC News Radio747Southern TasABC news & parliament
936 ABC Hobart936East CoastABC local
936 ABC Hobart936MidlandsABC local
936 ABC Hobart936Southern TasABC local
Triple J92.9East CoastABC new music
Triple J92.9MidlandsABC new music
Triple J92.9Southern TasABC new music
ABC Classic FM93.9East CoastABC classical
ABC Classic FM93.9MidlandsABC classical
ABC Classic FM93.9Southern TasABC classical
SBS Radio105.7East CoastMulticultural national
SBS Radio105.7MidlandsMulticultural national
SBS Radio105.7Southern TasMulticultural national
Hit FM100.9East CoastCommercial
Hit FM100.9MidlandsCommercial
Hit FM100.9Southern TasCommercial
7HO FM 101.7101.7East CoastCommercial
7HO FM 101.7101.7MidlandsCommercial
7HO FM 101.7101.7Southern TasCommercial
Triple M107.3East CoastClassic hits commercial
Triple M107.3MidlandsClassic hits commercial
Triple M107.3Southern TasClassic hits commercial
RPH Print Radio864Southern TasCommunity
Hobart FM 96.192.1Greater HobartCommunity
Hobart FM 96.196.1Greater HobartCommunity
Edge Radio99.3Greater HobartYouth community
Ultra106five106.5East CoastChristian community
Ultra106five106.5MidlandsChristian community
Ultra106five106.5Southern TasChristian community
RadioTAB1080Southern TasRacing narrowcast
Niche Radio Network1611HobartMulti-ethnic narrowcast including Rete Italia
Vision Radio Network87.6LauderdaleChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6Midway PointChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.8ClaremontChristian narrowcast
Energy FM 87.887.8Greater HobartDance music narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0BagdadChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0BridgewaterChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0HobartChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0KingstonChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0RichmondChristian narrowcast
Proposed94.9HobartOpen narrowcast

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