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The Australian Radio Guide
Radio Stations in Country Tas


Region: Country Tas

Radio National630QueenstownABC national
Radio National630StrahanABC national
ABC Northern Tas1161Central MidlandsABC local
ABC Northern Tas1161Fingal ValleyABC local
ABC Northern Tas1161St MarysABC local
ABC Northern Tas1584St HelensABC local
ABC Northern Tas1584Upper East CoastABC local
ABC Northern Tas88.5King Island GroupABC local
Radio National88.9OrfordABC national
Radio National88.9Southern East CoastABC national
Radio National88.9TriabunnaABC national
ABC Northern Tas89.7BichenoABC local
ABC Northern Tas89.7Central East CoastABC local
Radio National89.7Far North West CoastABC national
ABC Northern Tas89.7New NorfolkABC local
Radio National89.7SmithtonABC national
Radio National89.7StanleyABC national
ABC Northern Tas89.7Tyenna Valley/Upper Derwent Valley/Lower Central HighlandsABC local
ABC News Radio90.5BurnieABC news & parliament
ABC Northern Tas90.5OrfordABC local
ABC Northern Tas90.5QueenstownABC local
ABC News Radio90.5Rocky CapeABC news & parliament
ABC Northern Tas90.5Southern East CoastABC local
ABC Northern Tas90.5TriabunnaABC local
ABC News Radio90.5UlverstoneABC news & parliament
ABC News Radio90.5WynardABC news & parliament
ABC Northern Tas90.5ZeehanABC local
Triple J90.9LauncestonABC new music
Triple J90.9MidlandsABC new music
Triple J90.9Northern & North East TasABC new music
Radio National91.3BichenoABC national
Radio National91.3Central East CoastABC national
ABC Northern Tas91.3Far North West CoastABC local
ABC Northern Tas91.3SmithtonABC local
ABC Northern Tas91.3StanleyABC local
ABC Northern Tas91.7LauncestonABC local
ABC Northern Tas91.7MidlandsABC local
ABC Northern Tas91.7Northern TasABC local
ABC News Radio92.5LauncestonABC news & parliament
ABC News Radio92.5MidlandsABC news & parliament
ABC News Radio92.5Northern & North East TasABC news & parliament
ABC Classic93.3LauncestonABC classical
ABC Classic93.3MidlandsABC classical
ABC Classic93.3Northern & North East TasABC classical
Radio National94.1LauncestonABC national
Radio National94.1MidlandsABC national
Radio National94.1Northern & North East TasABC national
Radio National96.1St HelensABC national
ABC Northern Tas97.3DerbyABC local
ABC Northern Tas97.3RingaroomaABC local
ABC Northern Tas97.3WeldboroughABC local
Radio National98.9DerbyABC national
Radio National98.9RingaroomaABC national
Radio National98.9WeldboroughABC national
ABC Northern Tas100.5DevonportABC local
ABC Northern Tas100.5LatrobeABC local
ABC Northern Tas100.5Port SorellABC local
ABC Northern Tas100.5SheffieldABC local
ABC Northern Tas100.5UlverstoneABC local
Radio National101.1BeaumarisABC national
Radio National101.1FingalABC national
Radio National101.1ScamanderABC national
Radio National101.1St MarysABC national
ABC News Radio102.1DevonportABC news & parliament
ABC News Radio102.1LatrobeABC news & parliament
ABC News Radio102.1Port SorellABC news & parliament
ABC News Radio102.1SheffieldABC news & parliament
ABC News Radio102.1UlverstoneABC news & parliament
ABC Northern Tas102.5BurnieABC local
ABC Northern Tas102.5Rocky CapeABC local
ABC Northern Tas102.5UlverstoneABC local
ABC Northern Tas102.5WynardABC local
ABC Northern Tas102.7BeaumarisABC local
ABC Northern Tas102.7FingalABC local
ABC Northern Tas102.7ScamanderABC local
ABC Northern Tas102.7St MarysABC local
ABC Northern Tas103.3HampshireABC local
ABC Northern Tas103.3WaratahABC local
ABC Northern Tas104.1Savage RiverABC local
ABC Northern Tas104.1WaratahABC local
SBS Radio proposed104.5Greater LauncestonMulticultural national
Radio National104.9HampshireABC national
Radio National104.9WaratahABC national
Triple J105.5SmithtonABC new music
Radio National105.9StrahanABC national
ABC Northern Tas106.1Coles BayABC local
ABC Northern Tas106.1SwanseaABC local
ABC Northern Tas106.3Central West CoastABC local
ABC Northern Tas106.3RoseberyABC local
ABC Northern Tas106.3TullahABC local
ABC Northern Tas107.5StrahanABC local
Radio National107.7Coles BayABC national
Radio National107.7SwanseaABC national
Radio National107.9Central West CoastABC national
Radio National107.9RoseberyABC national
Radio National107.9TullahABC national
Classic Hits 7SD540ScottsdaleMusic & AFL commercial
SEN Track1611DevonportMulti-ethnic narrowcast including Rete Italia
SEN Track1611LauncestonRacing
89.3 LAFM89.3LauncestonMusic & AFL commercial
89.3 LAFM89.3MidlandsMusic & AFL commercial
89.3 LAFM89.3Northern TasMusic & AFL commercial
Chilli FM90.1LauncestonHit music commercial
Chilli FM90.1MidlandsHit music commercial
Chilli FM90.1Northern TasHit music commercial
West Coast 7XS92.1StrahanCommercial
Sea FM94.5DerbyCommercial
Sea FM94.5RingaroomaCommercial
7BU94.5SmithtonMusic & AFL commercial
Sea FM94.5WeldboroughCommercial
Classic Hits 7AD98.9DevonportMusic & AFL commercial
Classic Hits 7AD98.9North West CoastMusic & AFL commercial
Sea FM99.7North East TasCommercial
Sea FM99.7ScottsdaleCommercial
Sea FM99.7St HelensCommercial
89.3 LAFM100.3Launceston CityMusic & AFL commercial
Classic Hits 7BU100.9North West CoastMusic & AFL commercial
Tote Sport Radio101.1Launceston CitySport commercial
Sea FM101.7BurnieCommercial
Sea FM101.7Rocky CapeCommercial
Sea FM101.7UlverstoneCommercial
Sea FM101.7WynardCommercial
7XS107.1Central West CoastCommercial
Classic Hits 7BU107.3BurnieMusic & AFL commercial
Sea FM107.7DevonportCommercial
Sea FM107.7North West CoastCommercial
Campbell Town Radio87.6Campbell TownCommunity
Coast FM88.9SmithtonCommunity
Star FM93.7St HelensCommunity
Tamar FM95.3George TownCommunity
Tamar FM95.3Lower Tamar ValleyCommunity
Heart FM95.7Northern MidlandsCommunity
Print Radio Tasmania96.1DevonportCommunity
City Park Radio96.5Greater LauncestonCommunity
Meander Valley Community Radio96.9Meander ValleyCommunity
Mid FM97.1OatlandsCommunity
Tasman FM Peninsula Radio97.7DunallyCommunity
Tasman FM Peninsula Radio97.7NubeenaCommunity
Tasman FM Peninsula Radio97.7SorellCommunity
Tasman FM Peninsula Radio97.7South East TasCommunity
Tasman FM Peninsula Radio97.7Tasman PeninsularCommunity
WAY FM98.1Greater LauncestonChristian community
Star FM98.5BichenoCommunity
Star FM98.5Central East CoastCommunity
HuonFM98.5Geeveston (Herringback Ridge translator)Community
TYGA-FM (Derwent Valley Community Radio)98.9New NorfolkCommunity
Star FM100.3BeaumarisCommunity
Star FM100.3FingalCommunity
Star FM100.3ScamanderCommunity
Star FM100.3St MarysCommunity
King Island Community Radio100.5King IslandCommunity
City Park Radio103.7Greater LauncestonCommunity
Coast FM104.7DevonportCommunity
Coast FM104.7LatrobeCommunity
Coast FM104.7Port SorellCommunity
Coast FM104.7SheffieldCommunity
Coast FM104.7UlverstoneCommunity
WAY FM105.3Greater LauncestonChristian community
Coast FM106.1BurnieCommunity
Coast FM106.1Rocky CapeCommunity
Coast FM106.1UlverstoneCommunity
Coast FM106.1WynardCommunity
Print Radio Tasmania106.9Greater LauncestonCommunity
RadioTAB1008LauncestonRacing narrowcast
RadioTAB87.6Abels HillRacing narrowcast
RadioTAB87.6BichenoRacing narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6BurnieChristian narrowcast
RadioTAB87.6CarrickRacing narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6DeloraineChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6DevonportChristian narrowcast
Tamar Valley Country87.6ExeterNarrowcast Country music
Vision Christian Radio87.6FingalChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6LatrobeChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6LongfordChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6MorningtonChristian narrowcast
Faith FM87.6New NorfolkChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6OrfordChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6PenguinChristian narrowcast
RadioTAB87.6QueenstownRacing narrowcast
RadioTAB87.6RoseberyRacing narrowcast
RadioTAB87.6ScottsdaleRacing narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6ShearwaterChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6SheffieldChristian narrowcast
RadioTAB87.6SmithtonRacing narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6SomersetChristian narrowcast
RadioTAB87.6St Helen'sRacing narrowcast
RadioTAB87.6St Mary'sRacing narrowcast
RadioTAB87.6StrahanRacing narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6UlverstoneChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6WynyardChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8Binalong BayChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8Dodges FerryChristian narrowcast

Region: Country TAS

Vision Christian Radio87.8Dodges FerryChristian narrowcast

Region: Country Tas

LCFM 87.887.8Launceston GreaterEducation narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8MoorevilleChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8PerthChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Acton ParkChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0BichenoChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0CampbelltownChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0CressyChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0GeevestonChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0HamiltonChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0HuonvilleChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0KetteringChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0New NorfolkChristian narrowcast

Region: Country TAS

Vision Christian Radio88.0OuseChristian narrowcast

Region: Country Tas

Vision Christian Radio88.0OuseChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0QueenstownChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0ScottsdaleChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0SorellChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0St HelensChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0St LeonardsChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0St MarysChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0StrahanChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0TriabunnaChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0TunbridgeChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0WinnaleahChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0ZeehanChristian narrowcast
RadioTAB97.7BurnieRacing narrowcast
RadioTAB101.3DevonportRacing narrowcast

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