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The Australian Radio Guide
Radio Stations in Central WA


Region: Central WA

ABC North West567NewmanABC local
ABC North West567ParaburdooABC local
ABC North West702KarrathaABC local
ABC Midwest & Wheatbelt828GeraldtonABC local
ABC North West846CarnarvonABC local
ABC North West1188ExmouthABC local
Triple J89.1MukinbudinABC new music
ABC Goldfields/Esperance92.5Murrin MurrinABC local
Radio National93.1Thunderbox MineABC national
Radio National93.7NewmanABC national
ABC Goldfields/Esperance94.3Sir Samuel MineABC local
ABC Classic94.5GeraldtonABC classical
Radio National96.1Sunrise DamABC national
Triple J96.9LeonoraABC new music
Triple J98.1Central AgriculturalABC new music
Triple J98.1ExmouthABC new music
Triple J98.5Mount KeithABC new music
ABC Classic98.9Central AgriculturalABC classical
Triple J98.9VariousABC new music
Radio National99.3Mount KeithABC national
Triple J99.3Mount MagnetABC new music
Triple J99.5WestoniaABC new music
ABC News Radio99.7Central AgriculturalABC news & parliament
Radio National99.7GeraldtonABC national
ABC North West100.3Useless LoopABC local
Radio National100.9KarrathaABC national
Triple J100.9VariousABC new music
Triple J101.3CarnarvonABC new music
ABC News Radio101.3GeraldtonABC news & parliament
ABC Goldfields/Esperance101.9WarakurnaABC local
Triple J102.7Useless LoopABC new music
Triple J103.3KarrathaABC new music
ABC Midwest & Wheatbelt103.3Nimary Gold MineABC local
Triple J103.7DenhamABC new music
Triple J103.9Marvel LochABC new music
Triple J103.9Southern CrossABC new music
ABC News Radio104.1KarrathaABC news & parliament
ABC Classic104.1LeonoraABC classical
Triple J104.1Mount JacksonABC new music
Triple J104.3KoolyanobbingABC new music
Triple J104.5VariousABC new music
Triple J105.3Green HeadABC new music
ABC Goldfields/Esperance105.3Murrin Murrin MineABC local
ABC Goldfields/Esperance105.7LeonoraABC local
ABC Goldfields/Esperance105.7Mount JacksonABC local
ABC Midwest & Wheatbelt105.7Mount MagnetABC local
ABC Goldfields/Esperance105.9KoolyanobbingABC local
ABC News Radio106.1CarnarvonABC news & parliament
ABC Midwest & Wheatbelt106.1CueABC local
ABC Classic106.1Green HeadABC classical
ABC Kimberley106.1Halls CreekABC local
ABC Midwest & Wheatbelt106.1KalbarriABC local
ABC North West106.1ParaburdooABC local
ABC North West106.1WilunaABC local
ABC Midwest & Wheatbelt106.1YalgooABC local
ABC Midwest & Wheatbelt106.3MeekatharraABC local
Triple J106.3MorawaABC new music
ABC Goldfields/Esperance106.3SandstoneABC local
ABC Goldfields/Esperance106.3Southern CrossABC local
Radio National107.3VariousABC national
Radio National107.5VariousABC national
Radio National107.7VariousABC national
ABC Goldfields/Esperance107.9Bronzewing MineABC local
Radio National107.9VariousABC national
Classic Hits 666666CarnarvonCommercial
Hit WA88.9NewmanCommercial
Triple M90.5NewmanClassic gold/current hits commercial
Hit WA90.9MooraCommercial
Hit WA91.5Thunderbox MineCommercial
Hit WA91.7Lake GraceCommercial
Hit WA93.7Granny Smith GoldmineCommercial
Hit WA94.1Murrin MurrinCommercial
Triple M94.1ParaburdooClassic gold/current hits commercial
Hit WA94.9BoddingtonCommercial
Triple M95.3Granny Smith GoldmineClassic gold/current hits commercial
Hit WA96.5GeraldtonCommercial
Hit WA96.5NorthamCommercial
Hit WA97.7VariousCommercial
Triple M98.1GeraldtonClassic hits commercial
Triple M98.1LavertonClassic gold/current hits commercial
Classic Hits 98.798.7CarnarvonCommercial
Hot Hits 99.799.7CarnarvonCommercial
Triple M99.7ExmouthClassic gold/current hits commercial
Hit WA99.9CervantesCommercial
Triple M100.1LeonoraClassic gold/current hits commercial
Hit WA100.1PerenjoriCommercial
Hit WA100.3BadgingarraCommercial
Triple M100.5WarburtonClassic gold/current hits commercial
Hit WA100.7Southern CrossCommercial
Triple M100.9Mount MagnetClassic gold/current hits commercial
Hit WA101.1Three SpringsCommercial
Hit WA101.1West YelbeniCommercial
Hit WA101.3Hercules Gold MineCommercial
Hit WA101.3ParaburdooCommercial
Triple M101.3VariousClassic gold/current hits commercial
Triple M101.5CervantesClassic gold/current hits commercial
Triple M101.5MeekatharraClassic gold/current hits commercial
Hit WA101.7LeonoraCommercial
Triple M101.7PerenjoriClassic gold/current hits commercial
Hit WA101.9CoorowCommercial
Hit WA102.1VariousCommercial
Hit WA102.3KoordaCommercial
Hit WA102.3Southern CrossCommercial
Triple M102.5KarrathaClassic gold/current hits commercial
Hit WA102.5VariousCommercial
Hit WA102.7VariousCommercial
Triple M102.9Marvel LochClassic gold/current hits commercial
Hit WA102.9VariousCommercial
Hit WA103.1VariousCommercial
Hit WA103.3Tarmoola MineCommercial
Triple M103.7EneabbaClassic gold/current hits commercial
Triple M104.1LeemanClassic gold/current hits commercial
Triple M104.5CueClassic gold/current hits commercial
Triple M104.5KalbarriClassic gold/current hits commercial
Hit WA104.5YalgooCommercial
Triple M104.7Jurien BayClassic gold/current hits commercial
Hit WA104.7SandstoneCommercial
Hot Hits 105.3105.3DenhamCommercial
Hit WA105.7VariousCommercial
Hit WA105.9Plutonic Gold MineCommercial
Hit WA106.3Bronzewing MineCommercial
Hit WA106.5KarrathaCommercial
Hit WA106.9VariousCommercial
Hit WA107.3Mount JacksonCommercial
Hit WA107.9Golden Grove MineCommercial
Newman Community Radio92.9NewmanCommunity
97.3 Soncity FM97.3GeraldtonChristian community
Radio 6PRK 98.1 FM98.1Halls CreekIndigenous community
Meeka FM98.3MeekatharraCommunity
Midwest Aboriginal Media Association100.5GeraldtonIndigenous community
York FM101.3YorkCommunity
Gumala Aboriginal Corporation102.9ParaburdooIndigenous community
6ACR106.1VariousIndigenous community
Vision Christian Radio87.6BeverleyChristian narrowcast
Classic 87.687.6CarnarvonClassic Hits
Vision Christian Radio87.6DenhamChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6DongaraChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6ExmouthChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6KalbarriChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6MeekatharraChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6MooraChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6NorthamChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6NorthamptonChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6WaggrakineChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6WilunaChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6WundowieChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.6YorkChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8GeraldtonChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0BalliduChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0BencubbinChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0CalingiriChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0CarnamahChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0CervantesChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0CoorowChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0CorriginChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Cosmo NewberryChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0CueChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0CunderdinChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0DwellingupChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0GinginChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Green HeadChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0GuildertonChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Jurien BayChristian narrowcast
Pump.FM88.0KarrathaDance music narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0KoordaChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0KulinChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Lake GraceChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0LancelinChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0LeemanChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0MeckeringChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0MingenewChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0MorawaChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Mount MagnetChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Mount MargaretChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0MukinbudinChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Mulga QueenChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0MullewaChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0NarembeenChristian narrowcast
6TAB88.0NewmanRacing narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0NungarinChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0PerenjoriChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0PingellyChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0QuairadingChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0SeabirdChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Southern CrossChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0TamminChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Three SpringsChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0ToodyayChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0TrayningChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0WarburtonChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0WickepinChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Wongan HillsChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0WyalkatchemChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0YalgooChristian narrowcast
6TAB88.6GeraldtonRacing narrowcast
6TAB88.7Southern CrossRacing narrowcast
Karratha FM93.7KarrathaCountry music narrowcast
6TAB96.5CarnarvonRacing narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio96.9NewmanChristian narrowcast
Proposed97.9Three SpringsNarrowcast
Vision Christian Radio98.1ParaburdooChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio98.5LeonoraChristian narrowcast
6TAB99.7LeinsterRacing narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio101.3Halls CreekChristian narrowcast
6TAB101.7KarrathaRacing narrowcast
6TAB104.1Mount MagnetRacing narrowcast
6TAB104.5LavertonRacing narrowcast
6TAB104.7MeekatharraRacing narrowcast
6TAB105.3KalbarriRacing narrowcast

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