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Radio Stations in Central Vic


Region: Central Vic

ABC News Radio89.5BendigoABC news & parliament
Triple J90.3BendigoABC new music
ABC Central Victoria91.1BendigoABC local
ABC Classic FM92.7BendigoABC classical
ABC News Radio94.3BallaratABC news & parliament
SBS Radio95.7BendigoMulticultural national
SBS Radio104.5MaryboroughMulticultural national
ABC Classic FM105.5BallaratABC classical
Triple J107.1BallaratABC new music
ABC Ballarat107.9BallaratABC local
Hit FM91.9Bendigo70s to 90s music commercial
Triple M93.5Bendigo60s to 90s music commercial
Gold Central Victoria98.3Bendigo CityEasy music oldies commercial
3BA 102.3 FM102.3BallaratOldies music commercial
Power FM103.1BallaratMusic commercial
Vision Australia Radio88.7BendigoCommunity
Kinglake Ranges Radio94.5KinglakeCommunity
WMA FM94.9CastlemaineCommunity
KLFM96.5Bendigo CityCommunity
OKR 98.3 FM (Mitchell Community Radio)98.3KilmoreCommunity
98.5 Apple FM98.5Bacchus MarshCommunity
Goldfields FM 99.199.1MaryboroughCommunity
Voice FM99.9BallaratCommunity
100.7 Highlands FM100.7WoodendCommunity
Bendigo's Best Sport FM (Fresh FM)101.5BendigoSport community
Good News Radio103.9BallaratChristian community
Seymour FM103.9SeymourCommunity
Central Victorian Gospel Radio (CVGR)105.1BendigoChristian community
Phoenix FM106.7BendigoCommunity
Vision Radio Network87.6AvocaChristian narrowcast
Ark FM87.6BendigoNarrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6CastlemaineChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6DunollyChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6MaldonChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6MaryboroughChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6RomseyChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6TalbotChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.6WoodendChristian narrowcast
Ark FM87.8BendigoNarrowcast
Vision Radio Network87.8HarcourtChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0BarfoldChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0ElphinstoneChristian narrowcast
Vision Radio Network88.0KynetonChristian narrowcast
Seymour 99.399.3SeymourNarrowcast

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