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Editorial: Donations Fail to Keep Memories Safe

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Donations for this financial year [2014/2015] are 22% behind where they need to be to keep radio memories safe.....

  • target to fund the project is fixed at $450 a week
  • $22,270 needed to March 31 2015
  • $17,759 funded to date

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© Keith Robinson Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

Please make sure the memories are kept safe and help fund the $160 a day needed with:

  • 5 regular donations of $35 daily or
  • 3 contributing donations of $50 daily would be very helpful.

All donations are recognized on the Roll of Honor. All donations of $5 or greater are tax deductible for New Zealand residents.

Thank you for helping keep the radio memories safe.

Editorial: New Sponsors

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And now a few words....

We're moving after 10 years...... moving to Freeparking, a part of the Web Farm group, based in New Plymouth [New Zealand]..... and we're especially delighted that they've agreed to continue the sponsored hosting arrangement we previously enjoyed with 2day.

Importantly, they'll move us to a Linux web server later this year when we're ready to upgrade and introduce WordPress and our Collective Access database.

We're grateful to Peter Mott, founder of 2day who offered us free hosting a decade ago, and has been one of the silent supporters making this website part of this global radio memories project possible.

This week we also welcome Open Air Cinema as the national radio partner of the popular New Zealand Radio Guide.

Urs Bauer and his Warkworth based team travel nationwide bringing open air cinema to many events and special screenings using LPFM as their means of audio. Urs uses the NZ Radio Guide to avoid clashes with existing LPFM stations wherever Open Air Cinema is setting up a Drive In cinema. We're delighted to have you on board and continue our association with you Urs. Like and connect with them at

Finally this week, Nautel has joined us from Nova Scotia in Canada as our first ever Content Partner.

Nautel is well known worldwide for making AM & FM transmitters and they've got many stories to share with us about the communities served by the AM & FM radio stations that use their equipment.

Nautel delivered the first ever commercial solid state transmitter 45 years ago, paving the way for the end of using tubes, and a major development in modern broadcasting. We'll have a regular series of Nautel Memorable Radio features and share their inside stories with you...enjoy them!

We celebrate our 10th year online in 2015, and acknowledge Freeparking, Open Air Cinema and Nautel who have joined us at this stage of our journey. Stay tuned!

We hope to bring you more good news in the near future, and remind you all that it's supporters like you who generously give towards our overhead costs each week and make this global radio heritage project possible. We still need regular donations from as many people as possible to spread the burden on existing sponsors.

Please join us this week with your donation and be part of the team as we enter our second decade of keeping the radio memories safe for you.

Nautel Memorable Radio
Fresh 92.7 FM
Adelaide, Australia

Nautel logo

Community Fundraising Secures New NVlt Transmitter for Youth Radio Station

Fresh FM logo

Fresh 92.7 FM of Adelaide, Australia, is more than just a radio station. Dedicated to educating, empowering and entertaining Adelaide’s young community, Fresh likes to think of itself as an identity and culture that the local youth can call their own. And, Fresh stays true to its community roots with the station relying on a team of dedicated and passionate young volunteers.

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Nautel Memorable Radio
XEUT Tijuana, XERL Colima
XEMAX Tecoman and XHZZZ Manzanillo

Nautel logo

Nautel Customer Stories from Mexico

Max Corona, an engineering manager in Colima, Mexico wrote in to tell us about his two Nautel J1000's, a V5 transmitter and his recent purchase of two VS2.5 transmitters.

Previous to purchasing Nautel’s solid state transmitters, I installed transmitters with bulbs, which created a lot of problems with repairs and working at high voltages. These days it’s different and my story with Nautel has been excellent. Imagine my surprise when I received the Nautel Jazz 1000 solid state transmitter without transformers, without bulbs, a quiet, clean operation and very few problems. We have two J1000 transmitters, both purchased in December, 2006 and located at XEMAX and XERL transmitter stations in Tecomán and Colima respectively.

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Hawaii Radio Guide

1961 Hawaii map

Hawaiian islands from a Hawaii Visitors Bureau ad in 1960
© Radio Heritage Foundation Digital Collection

It's now easy to find every Hawaiian radio station. Use our new Hawaii Radio Guide to discover the many sounds of radio found throughout the islands of Hawaii today.

When on vacation in the islands, use this handy guide to find the music, entertainment and information that you need.

Hawaii Public Radio uses this site overlooking Honolulu to bring HPR1 and HPR2 to many listeners
© Hawaii Public Radio

FM, LPFM and AM radio stations are all included. You can search by location, even the island or single stations. They're all here, from the statewide Hawaiian Public Radio network to commercial brands of all kind, even small local LPFM stations and out of state services relayed locally.

In most cases. explore their websites and listen live to their programs in your own home or on your mobile device anywhere in the world. Outside the USA, some stations may geo-block you for copyright reasons.

Traditional or contemporary Hawaiian music, reggae and island music, rock, pop, religious and mellow music, local news and talk, local and national sports, programs in Filippino, Japanese and Korean.....the variety of radio stations on these islands is truly amazing.

Old timer KGU Honolulu is still found at 760 AM
© Keith Robinson Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

Bring the year round sounds of Hawaii into your life with the Hawaii Radio Guide, the latest addition to our series of radio guides. Start discovering Hawaii here and share the Hawaii Radio Guide with your friends on Facebook today.

Radio Station Partnerships now available for April 1 2015 – March 31 2016

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The affordable way to show your support. Bonus partnerships also include other features covering the same area: eg the Hawaii partnership currently includes Art of Radio Hawaii, OWI Hawaii and Blue Hawaii Retro Radio Guide 1961 features.

Partnerships offering bonus features are marked * Series currently included are Long Lost Australian Radio Stars, Kiwi Radio, AFRS Radio, Retro Radio Guides and Island Radio/Pacific Style features. Additional features can be added at any time.

These affordable partnerships offer radio stations something back in return for their support of the project and our Radio Guides series.

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Editorial: Fresh Pacific Faces

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Have a look at the countries and cities where visitors have come from at the start of 2015.

We've been testing responsiveness of Facebook promotions, and this has resulted in hundreds of fresh Pacific faces checking us out from Fiji, Micronesia, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Marshall Islands and Guam.

Now we've added Fiji to our Top 10 visitor sources at the start of the year.

KKMP Saipan in the Northern Marianas is heard on 92.1 FM and 1440 AM
© Radio Heritage Foundation Digital Collection

We can do more with targeted promotions on Facebook, but we don't have the money to do continue to do it.

For now, if we receive more than the $450 we need each month to cover our operating costs, we'll put up to $150 into a new promotional fund to extend our promotions on Facebook.

We're pleased to see people in places like Papua New Guinea, Norfolk Island, Guam, Solomon Islands and Tonga responding to Facebook. As we said earlier, it's an affordable new way to reach people where we least expected to find an interest in the global radio memories project.

You can help us reach out to the Pacific by making a donation to us today and we can start telling the stories to thousands of fresh Pacific faces. Thank you for making it possible to share these stories with a wider audience.

Facebook Editorial

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We enter 2015 and the 10th year of this global radio memories project. When it began, there was no such thing as Facebook, which has become a new way of sharing memories, comments and information and engaging fresh faces.

But a long term project like this one needs to keep all the content searchable, easy to access, and not locked away behind the wall of a restricted group. That’s what we still regard as the heart of what we do, making the stories, photos and other material freely available to the community. Watch this space in 2015.

KULA Des Davey

But we would be silly to ignore the power of Facebook and so we’ve been using it for a year or so to learn more about it. We’ve noticed some interesting differences between the people who visit our website and the people who follow us on Facebook. We’ll share some of that information with you because we think it shows how the interest and engagement with this project will grow in the future and where it will come from.

Top 20 User CountriesWebsiteFacebook
01 Australia USA
02 New Zealand Australia
03 USA Argentina
04 UK New Zealand
05 India Canada
06 Canada UK
07 Germany Singapore
08 Japan India
09 Netherlands Bangladesh
10 France Pakistan
11 Sweden Fiji
12 Brazil Hong Kong
13 Russia Indonesia
14 Spain Belgium
15 Indonesia Italy
16 Singapore Germany
17 Italy Brazil
18 Philippines Japan
19 Malaysia Sweden
20 Finland Netherlands

The countries ranked 7-13 in Facebook are very different than our current website users and show Asia-Pacific as being more important to us in the future especially India and Indonesia, while both Argentina and Brazil will also be important. This will have to be reflected in our radio heritage content as we move forward.

PAL Pacific
For the immediate future, our core focus will be to remain of interest to even more people in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada and the EU...... and continue to have a Pacific ‘feel’ ...while at the same time acknowledging both Asia and Latin America as emerging areas of interest and involvement in the project.

We’ll use a combination of the website and Facebook to reach and engage with everyone and strike the right balance as we enter our second decade of service. You can also help by making a donation to keep radio memories free for all..........thank you to every one involved in making it happen. Enjoy.

Each month we're challenged to find $1,800

It's been good to thank our financial supporters team recently for their hard work and generosity to keep funds flowing so we can continue keeping radio memories safe and share more ephemera from our growing collections.

NBC Gulf sign

NBC Gulf has this sign outside their studios in Papua New Guinea
© RHF Digital Collection

You can join the financial supporter team right now for as little as $5. You'll see the options on the right hand side of every page, including gifting little and often.

You'll also see the Roll of Honor where we publicly acknowledge the good people who gift to keep this crowd funded project on track. Many are now moving up higher the Roll of Honor, and every $1 gifted allows 2 people to access the features and services on this website completely free.

We'd love to welcome you today.

New Grant from Pub Charity

We're pleased to tell you all that New Zealand based grant funder Pub Charity has approved a recent grant to the Radio Heritage Foundation.

Radio Sutatenza sticker

Radio Sutatenza sticker © Keith Robinson Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

The grant is for the first part of a staged upgrading of operational technology and digital storage facilities. It's the third grant received from Pub Charity, though none are used for weekly operational costs which are funded by supporters in many countries.

4SS sticker

4SS sticker © Keith Robinson Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

"We're delighted that this community based funder has agreed to help us upgrade some of our technology and provide initial secure storage for key digital data' says David Ricquish, chairman of the Radio Heritage Foundation.

It's part of a series of operational upgrades planned for the coming months, allowing the trust to continue to do its work protecting and promoting radio broadcasting heritage for a growing world wide audience who use the hundreds of features and services for free at

KTNN sticker

KTNN sticker © Keith Robinson Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

"We're unique in that we're a world class heritage project that just happens to be based in New Zealand" adds Mr Ricquish. "It's also great that so many Kiwis already use us for finding out more about radio in New Zealand. This grant will help us do more to tell Kiwi stories and protect Kiwi radio memorabilia" he also said.

Radio has always been borderless. Interconnections between countries and cultures are immense, and the Radio Heritage Foundation is funded by supporters in many countries. It receives no government grants or support from the mainstream radio industry.

This independence comes at a cost, but after 10 years online, backed by many thousands of items of original radio memorabilia, 'grants like this from Pub Charity and increasing visitors to our project website confirm we're on the right track' says Mr Ricquish.

RTL sticker

RTL sticker © Keith Robinson Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

The Call of the Friendly Islands

ZCO QSL card

This card was issued to listeners confirming reception of ZCO for over a decade © David Ricquish Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

Queen Salote

Queen Salote officially opens ZCO in July 1961

DX listeners and many other New Zealanders will be interested in these photographs of the opening of the Tonga Broadcasting Commission's station ZCO. Station ZCO, in Tonga's capital, Nuku'alofa, was officially opened by Queen Salote last month, and of its ten staff members three are New Zealanders while the manager of the Commission, R. Geoffrey Haggett, although English by birth, spent many years here.

 > read more

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